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The School of Balkan Languages

The School of Balkan Languages opened its doors in 1963 and is the oldest and most prestigious of its kind in Greece. The reason for its establishment was to enable undergraduate and portgraduate students, as well as civil servants to learn the Balkan and Russian languages; to kindle the interest of students and scholars in Balkan and Slavonic studies; to provide Balkan and Slavonic specialists to fill posts in further educational establishments, scientific institutions, and government departments; and to foster a better mutual understanding, stronger neighbourly relations, and closer collaboration between all the Balkan countries.

The School of Balkan Languages accepts university students and graduates and certain civil servants who, for purely professional reasons, will benefit from the knowledge of one one of the Balkan languages or Russian.

The School occupies the first and second floors of the Balkan Institute's private premises. Three-year courses are offered in all the languages, and the academic year is eight months long, from October to the end of May. Graduates of the School receive a special diploma certifying three years of study.

During its thirty-two-year history, some 8.000 students have attended the School, most of them receiving a three-year diploma in Bulgarian, Russian, Serbo-Croat, Turkish, Albanian, or Romanian.

The School of Balkan Languages has made an important contribution in a number of respects. It has given many scholars and government officials the opportunity to gain a satisfactory command of one of the Balkan languages and to use it in their work, at a time when no other school of this kind existed anywhere in Greece. A course of study at the School, furthermore, has in many cases increased the students' interest and led them to become more systematically involved in Balkan or Slavonic studies in Greece.

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