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The Library

The Institute's library is a specialised source of works on Balkan subjects. Apart from independent publications, the library contains periodicals devoted mainly to South-Eastern Europe. Material is selected and ordered and donations accepted according to strict, predetermined criteria. The collection comprises books, periodicals, pamphlets, and offprints which concern Balkan issues and are published in one of the Balkan or West European languages or in Russian. There is also a special collection of books printed before 1870. The Library also maintains relations and follows an exchange programme with other research centres and libraries all over the world.

The Library of the Institute for Balkan Studies was equipped in 1994 with an up-to-the-minute computer documentation system (Alexandrie), which operates on an internal network available both to the Institute's researchers, who work on it, and to users of the Library. The Library will soon be accessible on the Internet.

During 1994, all the periodicals in the Library were entered into the computer, and a selection of articles in 40 periodicals issued from 1991 onwards were indexed. The titles of 209 periodicals and of 525 new monographs, conference proceedings, dictionaries, and pamphlets received by the Library in 1994 were entered.

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