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Research Programmes

In 1994 the Insitute for Balkan Studies organised and took part in a number of research programmes concerning the recent and past history the Balkans. Some were conducted exclusively by members of our own staff, who acquired the requisite technical knowledge for the purpose. Others were carried out in association with scientific institutions and other government sponsored facilities by occasional associates, experienced university faculty members, and young researchers.

  1. Untill now continue to be published the conclusions of the three-year research programme concerning "Thrace from antiquity to the present day", which was conducted by university professors from Greece and abroad, and research fellows of the Institute for Balkan Studies and the Academy of Athens. Three books have been already printed and three more are at this moment under publishing.

  2. The Institute's associates involved in the programme concerning the "Bulgarian occupation of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace during the Second World War" also worked hard and productively. The four people concerned, who are both regular and occasional associates of the Institute for Balkan Studies, have already carried out research in the libraries of Thessaloniki, Athens, and Sofia, and have assembled material from university and national libraries in the United States and Europe. They have also collected and collated archival material from Britain, the USA, and the Greek archives of Thessaloniki and Athens. Some of their conclusions have been presented in articles and conference papers.

  3. With the approval of and in association with the General Secretariat for Expatriate Greeks, associates of the Institute began and continue a research programme concerning "Greek communities in Bulgaria in the 19th and 20th centuries until the Second World War". The programme is being conducted by five researchers who expect to have their findings ready by the end of 1995. They have already studied and are collating published and unpublished archival material from Greece and Bulgaria.

  4. In the context of the Institute's research programme concerning the Macedonian Question, two associates are working on a special study of the " Albanian problem as a destablising factor in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia". They are examining the historical dimensions of the problem in Serbian Macedonia between the Wars (1918-41) and in the Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (1944-91), devoting particular attention to the deteriorating ethno-political relations between the Albanians and the Slavs since the FYROM declared its independence in 1991. The study should be completed and published by the summer of 1995.

  5. Finally, the Institute's programme concerning the "Greeks of Albania" is continuing, its main purpose being to collect and classify archival material (chiefly from Greek, British, Italian, and French archives) relating to the period from the foundation of the Albanian state onwards. Special attention is being given to the period between the Second World War and the establishment of the Communist régime in Albania, as a turning point for the Greeks living there.

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