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The Balkan Institute is widely known, both in and outside Greece, for the high standard of research undertaken by its members. This is carried out alongside individual and collective studies conducted by the Institute's own research associates and by outside contributors from whom it commissions studies connected with their particular field.

These studies have contributed much to Balkan historiography, with special reference to political developments and intellectual and artistic trends in the Balkans from ancient times to the present day. The Institute has made a decisive contribution to the systematic investigation of the conditions prevailing in the sensitive area of the Southern Balkans both before and after the Macedonian Struggle. At the same time, it has been able to make use of the historical sources of neighbouring countries and thus not only shed more light on historical events, but also re-established close friendship and collaboration with specialists, scholars, and similar institutes on a wide-ranging international level.

The Institute has facilitated its associates' research by funding special delegations in Greece and abroad, building up a microfilm collection, and publishing the results of research. It has fostered research into important and interesting issues by organising conferences and symposia attended by leading Greek and foreign specialists and with the stimulating contribution of younger scholars. The results of this research and these studies have swelled the numbers of the Institute's publications, while at the same time some of this original material has also been published by foreign institutes with which the Balkan Institute is associated.

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