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The Balkan Institute's publications include a large number of monographs, conference papers, and articles covering a wide spectrum of the history of the Balkan peoples. They offer a valuable source of modern Greek research for those investigating a variety of complex subjects.

The majority of the self-contained monographs (263 in total) and collective works (mainly the proceedings of conferences) concern political history, the history of international relations, society, archaeology, the history of art, linguistics, folklore, and local history in the Balkan Peninsula as a whole.

It should be noted that, as a result of individual or serial conferences organised by the Balkan Institute either alone or in concert with similar institutes abroad, hundreds of papers have been written and subsequently included in the Balkan Institute's publishing programme.

The Balkan Institute publishes now two periodicals: Balkan Studies and Balkanika Symmeikta (in Greek).

The influential and widely acclaimed half-yearly Balkan Studies is the Institute's principal organ. Since its appearance in 1960, the best-known Greek and foreign scholars have published in it studies and articles which have given a considerable impetus to Balkan studies. The Institute has already brought out two indexes, organised by subject and by author, of the periodical's first twenty issues (1960-1979).

The Balkan Institute's second annual publication, Balkanika Symmeikta, has been in existence since 1980 and offers the Institute's research associates an opportunity to present the results of their investigations and to publish brief studies and articles.

Until 1994 the Institute was also publishing Balkan Bibliography, which first came out in 1973, and was the most important bibliographical organ to be published in Greece on subjects relating to Balkan studies. Balkan Bibliography contained bibliographical material, Greek translations of noteworthy and frequently hard to find foreign-language articles, and articles of a bibliographical and bibliological nature. Each issue of Balkan Bibliography contained more than 3.500 titles in various languages, relating to history, culture, art, archaeology, and other branches of Balkan studies. Since 1994 the material previously contained in Balkan Bibliography had been entered into the new computer documentation system of the Institute's Library.

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