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Collaboration on an International Level

The Balkan Institute's promotion of research into and study of subjects relating to the broad geographical area of Northern Greece and the Balkans in general has also taken the form of organising a number of conferences and symposia. Without exception, these have met with resounding success and have become a real tradition, being recognised as an institution in their own right not only in Greece but also world wide. These learned meetings have also promoted a more productive exploitation of the Balkan Institute's close ties with related institutions abroad, in Western and Eastern Europe, the United States, and the democracies of the former Soviet Union.

More specifically, the conferences organised by the Balkan Institute fall into two basic categories, Greek and international; or, from a different point of view, they are either isolated events or part of a broader programme of collaboration with institutes and individual specialists in Greece and abroad.

The Balkan Institute maintains constant links with the Bulgarian, Russian, and Serbian Academies of Sciences and organises bilateral symposia with these institutions at regular intervals. It also collaborates with King's College London, the Institute Pierre Renouvin of Paris University, and the Südosteuropa Gesellschaft in Munich. It has organised five international symposia on ancient Macedonia, and others on folklore, linguistics, and the Macedonian Struggle.

Thus the Balkan Institute's scholarly presence in all sectors-research, extensive publishing, a wide network of international collaboration, a specialised library, the Summer School for foreign scholars, and the School of Balkan Languages- is the touchstone for a productive and multi-faceted range of activity which has made it an internationally acknowledged and influential institution.

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