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In the spring of 1939, a number of distinguished citizens of Thessaloniki founded the Society for Macedonian Studies as a legal entity of private law. Its objectives, as laid down in the Articles, are to collect, record, classify, preserve, study, and publish linguistic, folklore, historical, archaeological, and general archival material and folk art which relate to Macedonia in particular and Greece in general. Consistently loyal to these aims, the Society has endeavoured ever since, to the best of its financial abilities, to promote and foster scientific research in all fields of study.

In the furtherance of its aims, the Society has established three research departments (for history, linguistics, and arcaeology), an excellent library of some 45.000 volumes (constantly swelled by purchases, donations and exchanges) which serves the needs of 5.500 Greek and foreign scholars, and a Gallery of Modern Greek Art. The latter has an area of some 450 sq. m., houses 194 works, including paintings, sculptures, engravings, and ceramics and is constantly enriched by purchases and donations of new works. The Society's periodic retrospective exhibitions have been devoted to the works of such eminent Greek artists as Theofilos, Kalamaras, Sahinis and Kilessopoulos.

The Society also owns the most important theatre in Northern Greece, which it rents to the State Theatre of Northern Greece for a more or less nominal fee and to various other theatre companies. It also boasts an assembly and lecture hall, a large and attractive conference hall, a social lounge, and a cinema (the Aristoteleion), which is also rent out.

The Society is very active in the field of publishing. To date, it has published some 270 books for the furtherance of its aims; these are sold in the Society's own bookshop and offer a scientific presentation of Macedonia's Greek identity in response to those who would give a distorted picture of it. The Society also publishes two notable learned journals each year: Makedonika, which contains articles on Macedonia, and Ellinika, which concerns Greece in general. These are unique publications of their kind and are also available outside Greece.

The Linguistic department has brought out The linguistic Idiom of Melnik and is preparing The linguistic Idiom of Pieria Highlands.

Another of the Society's functions is to organise international conferences and to send representatives to international conferences elsewhere. Each year it takes part in the conferences held by the Pan-Macedonian Associations of America and Canada and every four years organises the World Conference of the Pan-Macedonian Associations.

The Society also offers prizes for literary works relating to Macedonia.

The activities of the Society for Macedonian Studies also extend to the cultural advancement of the people of Northern Greece. It donates publications to a number of provincial libraries and learned societies, to almost all the schools, to private individuals, to the Pan-Macedonian organisations abroad, and to the Greek consulates.

One of the Society's departments is the Centre for Macedonians Abroad, through which it maintains links with Macedonians living outside Greece and assists them in various ways.

The Society for Macedonian Studies founded the Institute for Balkan Studies, initially as one of its own departments. The latter is now an independent body in its own right, with the Society for Macedonian Studies represented by three of the seven members of the Administrative Board. Another foundation is the Historical Archive of Macedonia, and the Society was also co-founder of the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle.

Three times a year the Society issues a Newsletter, which it sends to cultural and scientific Institutes in Greece and abroad as well as to the Pan-Macedonian Associations of America and Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

The Society's scientific and national work has been accorded recognition and esteem both in Greece and all over the world.

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